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Mesin Pengering Pakaian Gas (Dryer)
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24 Nov 2018
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Gas Dryers (Dryer) is a drying machine that is used for laundry. This machine uses LGP gas fuel. This gas dryer uses an automatic digital system that can dry clothes with a lot of capacity in a short time. The casing of the machine is made of quality material that serves to withstand heat so that it is not irradiated out, so that the machine stays cool even though it is long operational, easy to clean and durable.


speedquen 3-year spare parts warranty


Untuk yang mencari parfum laundry makassar, bibit parfum laundry makassar, paket mesin laundry makassar, perlengkapan laundry makassar, mesin speed queen makassar, mesin laundry palopo, atau alat laundry lainnya silahkan juga menghubungi kami.

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